The group-team-counseling approach in international student orientation



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Thesis: Group-team-counseling is an effective approach to learning in international student orientation at the University of Houston. Defining the Thesis: The term group-team-counseling means that a small group of persons under the leadership of learner-sensitive peers undertake a re-educative process which is directed toward meeting individual needs of the learners. Group-team counselors have provided a superior and thereby effective vehicle for learning in international student orientation at the University of Houston. Supporting the Thesis: The writer has served as developer-director of six international student orientation programs at this university. In such capacity, the writer served as change agent or trainer. Evaluation and reevaluation is an essential tool for small group training and development, therefore, soundings have been taken over the three year period to test the validity of the work involved in programming international student orientation. The writer will report data from questionnaires, opinion surveys and anecdotal cirtiques in defense of the thesis. Data collecting has been an ongoing process for three years. In addition to this, the writer developed a research instrument to measure the validity of the thesis and submits the following findings...



College student orientation--United States, Students, Foreign--United States