Situational leadership styles in simulated and actual situations of selected elementary principals



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Leadership studies have shifted their focus from trait and leader behavior to an emphasis on the situational approach. This study utilized the situational approach of W. J. Reddin (1970) as furthur developed by Hersey and Blanchard (1977). Leadership style must consider the leader, the follower and the situation. Statement of the Problem. The general problem of this study was to determine if there is a significant relationship between the leadership style and behavior of elementary principals in simulated and actual performance tasks. Specifically the problem was to determine the relationship of leadership style(s) in simulated and actual performance. The study explored the relationship between leader flexibility and leader effectiveness. In addition, the study investigated the relationship between a principal’s perceived leadership style(s) and style(s) perceived by his or her superordinates and subordinates. This study attempted to build on the knowledge of educational leadership effectiveness within the situational framework. In addition, this study intended to assist in the validation of measures of situational effectiveness and development of procedures for the use with principals in in-service and pre-service training to develop skills in the Tri-Dimensional Theory. [...]



Elementary school principals