Organization development intervention : a theoretical model for the implementation of a process for educational leadership assessment and development (PELAD)



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The major purpose of the present research was to develop a theoretical or conceptual open systems process that would be diagnostic and prescriptive in nature and function as a process for individual and system development of an educational organization. Higher educational performance standards have been demanded by an informed public and various government commissions and task forces have recommended or mandated the need for excellence in education. It has been proposed that the crucial leadership skills of principals, superintendents, and other educational administrators must be acquired and vigorously developed. Such an emphasis on the need for leadership of current and future educators requires planned systematic professional development. Several strategies for organizational and human resource development have been successfully applied in business and industry. However, a synthesis of these technologies and.strategies has not been realized. This research proposed that the theoretical bases of Organization Development (OD), Human Resource Development (HRD), and Assessment Center Technology (ACT) could be synthesized and refined for an educational organization. This study has redefined the typical ACT designed for selection and promotion purposes and integrated a dynamic and sustained development process as an OD strategy of intervention. A responsive or developmental paradigm was selected as the research design. The extensive review of the relevant research literature employed original methodology for the retrieval, analysis, and coding of data which involved a synthesis of content analysis, integrative research reviews, and facet analysis. More than 400 research sources were examined to identify and evaluate pertinent researchers, conceptual models, theoretical positions, trends, and issues in each field. The research methodologies aided in the synthesis of the multidisciplinary fields of study and were essential to the integration of the theoretical concepts and practices. [...]



Educational innovations--United States, School management and organization--United States, Organizational change