The adolescent voice : its use in the junior high school



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This paper studies the problems of the adolescent voice, especially those of the changing male voice, as they relate to the vocal music program in the junior high school. It investigates old and new theories regarding the use of voices in this age group and takes note of the special care and training necessary for the proper development of these young voices. Samples of recently published music textbooks available for use by junior high school music teachers are examined with regard to suitability for adolescent voices of the range and tessitura of voice parts in the songs which these textbooks contain. This paper concludes that the future development of adolescent voices may be hindered by their improper use at the junior high school level and that vocal music teachers should exercise discretion when assigning voice parts to students and when selecting music for this age group. This paper recommends that those persons responsible for preparing music textbooks for use in junior high schools should include more voice parts that are suitable for the changing male voice.