A study of x-ray absorption factors for incident and detected beams of limited width



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X-ray absorption factors are used to calculate the scattering intensities from a fluid sample by correcting the experimental intensities for the effect of absorption in the cell and sample. In the present study, a procedure is developed for calculating absorption factors when both the incident and detected beams are collimated to exclude portions of the sample-cell geometry. Previously, a procedure, developed by Kendig and Pings, was available to calculate absorption factors for the case when only the incident beam was collimated and the detected beam spanned the entire cross section of the experimental geometry. By extending this existing calculation technique to detected beams of limited width, additional amounts of the cell can be excluded from the geometry that contributes to beam absorption and beam scattering. Because of the low scattering power of fluids, reduction in the absorption of the incident and scattered radiation will increase the accuracy of the experiment. The calculation procedure is developed for absorption factors of cylindrical cells. A variety of experimental beam positions can be treated. Both the incident and detected beams can be positioned to increase or decrease the quantity of the sample or cell being scanned. [...]