Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey



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In August of 2017, Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, flooding the city and leaving an estimated 13 million people impacted. Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey aims to tell the stories of those who were impacted by this devastating storm, whether it be first-responders, volunteers, or the people who experienced flooding themselves. Our objective this semester was to collect oral histories in areas that had not been addressed by the project, and to diversify the age range. To do so, we interviewed people in Bellaire and Tomball, two areas that had not had interviews conducted in them before. An interview was also conducted with a boy who was seven at the time of the hurricane, the youngest that the project has conducted. Through conducting oral histories,, the project is able to record the experiences of those throughout the Houston area. The oral histories focus on how people felt during the storm, and their specific memories attached to the event. Many interviewees discussed memories including lost pets, their experiences with water in their home, and how they were rescued from their homes if they flooded. The oral histories are can be found on with their recordings, transcripts, and additional information. The map below can also be found on the website.