Comparison of administrative and curricular factors of medical technology programs and their relationship to performance on a certification examination



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Medical technology educational programs are extremely diverse and complex in administrative and curricular design. Evaluation of the effectiveness of diverse program formats is problematic. However, since successful completion of an accredited medical technology program allows eligibility to attempt the American Society of Clinical Pathology, certification examination, student performance on this examination provides one objective measure of program effectiveness. The study had a two-fold purpose. First, it was designed to compare specified administrative and curricular variables among twelve month medical technology educational programs. Second, it was designed to compare certification examination results of graduates of these programs based on differing administrative and curricular variables. All accredited twelve month medical technology programs (n = 498) were mailed a questionnaire about programmatic descriptive data, and a request for release of examination scores. Certification examination scores of graduates (who remained anonymous) from consenting programs were provided to the investigator by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. The final sample consisted of 156 medical technology programs. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients. [...]



Medical technology--Study and teaching