Optimal sizes for honeycomb cells in flat plate solar collectors



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The heat transfer has "been analyzed within a flat plate solar collector with hexagonal honeycomb and glass cover. Radiation heat transfer has been analyzed using a Monte Carlo statistical method for angles of incident solar energy between 0° and 60°. Convective heat transfer has been analyzed for the case of a horizontal collector by using an empirical equation for Nusselt number developed by Hollands. Solutions to the problem of natural convection occurring in tilted collectors can be added to the computer program when work presently being done is completed. A sample solar collector has been analyzed by varying the solar radiative properties of the hexagonal honeycomb. Results indicate that for the sample used, minimizing the honeycomb solar absorptance and the incident angle of solar energy will minimize the radiation losses, while aspect ratios that minimize convection losses depend on angles of incident energy. The sample collector analysis has been performed to indicate the potential in using the approach outlined in this thesis to optimize honeycomb cell geometry for practical applications of solar collectors.



Solar energy