A study of metaphysical techniques and principles as used by selected musicians



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This study examined meditation and visualization techniques as used by musicians. Specifically, the study 1) documented the use of meditation and visualization by composers, performers, conductors, and music teachers and 2) described and analyzed the use of these techniques by three selected musicians. The following research questions were answered: 1) What evidence exists supporting the contention that musicians use these techniques? 2) What specific meditation and visualization procedures are used? 3) What are the purported benefits of meditation and visualization? After a comprehensive review of the literature, ethnographic methodologies (emphasizing case study interviews) were the principle modes of data collection. Interviews of the three subjects, encompassing approximately twelve hours in length per subject, were analyzed based on analytical procedures developed by James Spradley. First, sample linguistic symbols (labels) that each subject used in describing their use of these techniques were analyzed. Second, data were subjected to domain, taxonomic, and componential analyses which led to the development of hypotheses regarding the subjects' use of these metaphysical techniques. These hypotheses were tested using a variety of questioning procedures. [...]



Music--Psychological aspects, Meditation, Visualization