The lift force on a circular cylinder oscillating sinusoidally in water



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This research investigates transverse or lift forces acting on a circular cylinder in an oscillating flow. The cylinder itself is oscillated with simple harmonic motion in water which is otherwise at rest. The response of the cylinder to forces imposed by vortex formation and shedding were studied in the time domain. From the data obtained, predictions of forcing frequency due to the shedding and maximum peak force were obtained. Data was correlated to a nondimensional grouping consisting of Keulegan-Carpenter Number and Reynolds Number. The test cylinder was a smooth 2 inch nominal diameter cylinder 13.37 inches long. Oscillation periods of 0.87 to 5.00 seconds were encountered and Keulegan-Carpenter Numbers of 6.28, 9.42, 12.57, 15.71, and 18.8 where obtained. Values of Reynolds Number ranged from 8.38 x 103 to 6.37 x 104. Maximum peak values of lift coefficients ranged from 1.39 for Keulegan-Carpenter Number of 18.8 to 0.14 at Keulegan-Carpenter Number of 6.28. The results were in general agreement with those obtained by other methods.