A study of the history of Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee



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Title. The title of the research was A Study of the History of Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee, unpublished doctoral dissertation, Mauldin A. Ray, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1964. Purpose. The purpose of this study was to present chronologically and systematically the historical background and development of Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee, and to show how those developmental factors have been reflected in the instructional program of the school. Sources. A variety of sources was employed during the process of investigation. The school catalogues, yearbooks, and school papers were used. Minutes of the Board of Directors were valuable as were Minutes of the General Assemblies of the denomination from 1906. The general church publications, Evangel and Lighted Pathway, were of great value. Regional newspapers were also consulted. The denominational history, Like A Mighty Army, was most useful as background for the denominational developments. [...]