A study of the community participation of secondary and community college teachers of social studies in the Dearborn, Michigan, public schools



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This study examined the personal and professional characteristics of social studies teachers in Dearborn, Michigan, public secondary schools and determined the relationship of these characteristics to the extent, nature, and precise degree of their community participation in ten organizational areas: (1) professional education, (2) adult education, (3) religious, (4) patriotic and community betterment, (5) economic, (6) recreation, (7) fraternal, (8) community welfare, (9) avocational, and (10) service and benevolent associations. Bottrell developed the original research design which was modified and adapted for utilization in this study. The instrument was composed of the following numerically weighted scale which measured participation in any single organization. Ten specific local organizations appeared under each organizational area. Thus, by decimal identification participation was expressed in index numbers. [...]