UPLOT, a problem-oriented language for graphics



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Computers are being used to a great extent to analyze quantitative data in many fields of engineering. Frequently, a graphical representation of data is required; therefore, computer manufacturers have developed mechanical X-Y plotters and graphic display devices to produce displays. Unfortunately, the computer software has not been developed as rapidly as the hardware. This lag has caused demand for a simple, relatively fail-safe procedure for producing displays. The purpose of this study is the development of a problem—oriented language which can be utilized by the practicing engineer to produce displays on a printer or mechanical plotter with a minimum of effort and knowledge of graphical routines. The presentation considers existing software; defines commands for a graphical language; and, finally, presents sample input data and corresponding output displays on both an X—Y plotter and a printer. Because it frequently is desirable to perform statistical analyses on the data to be plotted, previously developed commands for these analyses have been included.