Resettlement Aid for Bosnian Refugees in the United States



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Bosnian refugees arrived in the United States beginning in the early 1990s due to the Bosnian War. The process of getting to the United States was lengthy, and their problems did not stop when they reached the country. Though these Bosnian refugees were guaranteed resettlement assistance, the quality of the aid they received varied based on the agency that provided it. There were three main categories of refugee resettlement aid: aid through the federal government, aid through private agencies or media, and aid through faith-based agencies. This thesis examines the differences between the backgrounds of these groups and the political, economic, and cultural impacts each of these groups had upon Bosnian refugees. This research is based on government reports, legislation, interviews, community magazines, and agency information. It compares these categories and assesses their effectiveness in supporting Bosnian refugees upon their arrival in the United States. It argues local resources were the most effective at providing support to Bosnians, rather than large, systematized resource providers.



History, United States, Refugees, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Immigration