A comparative study of the effectiveness of cloze and textbook procedures in a college reading program



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This study was designed to answer the following questions: 1. Do methods of teaching reading In which close procedures are used result in better total reading achievement, comprehension and vocabulary than methods in which reading textbooks are employed? 2. Is growth In total reading achievement, comprehension or vocabulary affected by the ago of the learner? 3. Is growth in total reading achievement, comprehension or vocabulary affected by I. Q.? The experimental method was used to collect the data Eighty-nine high school graduates who were enrolled in an eight-week English-Mathematics Institute which included a reading program were randomly assigned to two comparison groups. The 47 students in the experimental group used cloze reading exercises as their chief learning material. The cloze selections were prepared by deleting every fifth word excluding proper nouns, dates and numbers. The selections were taken from the same college reading textbook that the control group used. One illustrated lecture on using one's knowledge of syntax as an aid to reading comprehension was given to the experimental group. The 44 students in the control group used a college reading textbook as their chief learning material. [...]