The relationship between involvement and attitudes and its impact on the organizational survey



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Twenty-eight male and female subjects employed at the University of Houston were given an organizational survey to determine theinjob attitudes. The respondents were divided into high and low involvement groups to determine if involvement has a significant affect on the responses given on a survey. In addition, questions were included to determine if involvement is related to the employee's attitude about the survey, and their organization's ability to improve itself. The results showed a significant relationship (p<.01) between attitudes and involvement for only one of the five survey sections - General Attitudes, and for one of the three questions (p<. 10) that measured attitudes about the survey. The lack of significance for most of the results were probably a result of the small sample size. Further research in this area is recommended to determine if outside factors, like involvement, should be considered when interpreting organizational surveys - and the responses within.



College students--Employment