Major nonresident taxpayers' perceptions of the local public school



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A four-part instrument, developed by the investigator, was used to obtain data relative to the two major purposes of this study. The major purposes were: (1) to examine the perceptions of public school superintendents and their major nonresident taxpayers with respect to factors relating to leadership, school operation, important tasks of the school, school finance, and communications, and (2) to further examine these perceptions for significant points of agreement or disagreement and possible relationships to school size and school bond election successes. The purposive sample consisted of the superintendent of schools and the major nonresident taxpayers (those listed in the top ten by the school district) of twelve selected school districts located in the Texas Gulf Coast area within a one hundred mile radius of the University of Houston. (The top ten taxpayers involved in this study paid approximately 50 percent of the local school tax and 90 percent of them were nonresident.) Two basic categories of schools were used. One group contained six districts whose taxpayers had approved all bond proposals during the past six years ("S" districts); while the second category included six districts that had experienced one or more bond failures ("F" districts) during the same period of time. Each category contained two small districts (with average daily attendance or ADA under 1,000), two medium sized districts (1,000 to 5,000 ADA), and two large districts (over 5,000 but less than 20,000 ADA). [...]



Schools--Public relations, School bonds, School districts--Finance, Domicile in taxation