Employee income disparity in Houston city government



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The analysis differs from previous studies on income disparity by examining average salaries of employees in a local government setting. The findings show that female employees in the Houston city government work force earn lower salaries on the average than male employees, even when age, seniority, performance, education level and type of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) job categories are controlled. Minority employees in Houston city government also earn lower salaries than white males on the average when these characteristics are controlled. Merit increases are not distributed by consistent criteria to city employees. Although previous studies indicate the importance of job stream in explaining income disparity, this study points to the importance of departmental differences in salary structure as welh Recommendations include improved recruitment and promotion policies as well as implementation of training programs. The watch dog role of both city officials and outside interest groups needs further examination.



Discrimination in employment, Houston, Texas, Affirmative action programs