Some personality differences between a delinquent and a non-delinquent group of juveniles as measured by the Rorschach Test



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This study investigated the attitudes and personality factors of delinquent and non-delinquent juveniles by using psychological tests. Two techniques of investigation were employed. First, two groups of juveniles, one delinquent and one non-delinquent, were selected from the Harris County, Texas, area and were matched in a rather rigid manner for intelligence, socio-economic background, academic achievement, and ethnic origins. Next, the Harris County Crouse were compared with groups examined in three other prominent delinquent-non-delinquent studies. The first phase of the present investigation shoved the non-Delinquent Group to have significantly higher verbal Intellectual ability on the Wechsler-Bellevue Scale than the Delinquent Group. The Delinquent Group showed significantly more ability on performance material than verbal material on the intelligence tent used in the study. The non-Delinquent Group on the Rorschach give significantly more total responses, human movement response, animal responses, and human response, and significantly fewer oligophrenic responses than did the Delinquent Group. The non-Delinquent Group showed more form-color responses than did the Delinquent Group, while the reverse true insofar as pure color responses were concerned. The second phase of the study compared the finding of the present investigation with the tree other studies mentioned above. There were consistent findings among all the four groups. The following may be concluded from this investigation: 1. The non-Delinquent Group has a higher verbal intellectual ability than the Delinquent Group. 2. The non-Delinquent Group shows better control of thinking than does the Delinquent Group. 3. The non-Delinquent Group has greater and more stable emotional controls than does the Delinquent Group. 4. The non-Delinquent Group assumes a more mature role in accepting responsibility than does the Delinquent Group. 5. The above difference concerning intellect and emotional factors are consistent in non-delinquent and delinquent groups in several geographical areas of the country.



Rorschach Test., Juvenile delinquents., Personality assessment.