Female role orientation related to pregnancy and abortion



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The purpose of this study was to examine the female role perception of women who had recently obtained an abortion, women who were pregnant with plans to carry the pregnancy to full term, and women who had never experienced pregnancy. A measure of ego strength was also incorporated into the study to assess adjustment within this role perception. An additional questionnaire was administered which included demographic data, future goals, relationship with a male, and general attitudes toward sexuality and abortion. No significant differences were found among groups on the role perception scores. The abortion group had a higher ego strength score than did the other groups at a significant level. There was no correlation found between role perception and ego strength scores. Religiosity was also examined, with no significant differences among groups. Demographic data revealed general homogeneity among subjects' and parents' educational level. It was also found that women in the abortion group had a close relationship with one male at a significantly higher level than did women in the pregnancy group. No differences were found among groups in terms of general attitudes toward sexuality. Future marriage, career, and family plans did correlate significantly with the direction of role perception.