Developing Critical Thinking through the Use of Unfolding Case Studies



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Background: Studies indicate that when nursing students transition to clinical practice, they do not possess enough critical thinking skills to deliver safe patient care. Unfolding case studies provides an opportunity for students to analyze, predict, interpret, and transform knowledge. PICOT: In baccalaureate nursing students, how does unfolding case studies compared with traditional lectures affect critical thinking over a semester? Synthesis: Eight articles met the inclusion criteria with 1-Level II, 6- Level III, and 1-Level IV. Plan for Change: Using the Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration in Education framework, two unfolding case studies will be implemented in the first three semesters. During the capstone course, students will be given a pre-/post-test Health Science Reasoning Test as a means to evaluate the students’ critical thinking. Unfolding case studies is an effective strategy in improving students' critical thinking and connecting theory to clinical practice.



Baccalaureate nursing student, Unfolding case studies, Nursing case-based learning, Critical thinking