Characterization of the ovulatory cycle and ultra structural observations of the dominant preovulatory follicle and oocyte in the prosimian Galago Senegalensis Senegalensis



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Females of a laboratory housed colony of Senegal galagos (Galago senegalensis senegalensis) were examined daily for 18 months for signs of vaginal estrus. The average cycle length of 11 females was 32.9 + 0.6 days, and the variation between cycle lengths of individual animals was significant (P < .01). Galagos are reported to be seasonal breeders in the wild, but seasonality was not observed under the laboratory conditions. More than 70% of the females exhibited vaginal estrus during each calendar month except November (62%). Four of the females displayed a regular (at least 50% of the estrous periods) post-ovulatory vaginal discharge not previously described for the species. Experiments with estradiol implicate estrogen clearance in the formation of the discharge. Ovulation occurred between 1000 and 1300 hr on the second day of vaginal estrus. Successful mating of a female was observed at age 13 months and the gestation was 150 days. Pertinent factors of the laboratory housing are discussed and reference is made to the previous records on the colony females. [...]