The development and evaluation of a program for the teaching of reading in a junior college



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The purposes for this study were two-fold: the first was the design of a reading course suitable for presentation to the junior college freshman, and the second purpose was to set up an experimentally controlled test of the validity of the reading course. The objectives established for the course of instruction were: (1) improvement of reading speed, and (2) increase in degree of comprehension. These objectives lend themselves to experimental testing. Prior to the writing of the syllabus for the course in reading, it was imperative that a review of the literature be made in order that an extensive appraisal of existing programs might constructively contribute to the development and testing of a theory of remediation of reading difficulties. In short, a theoretical rationale for this course evolved from positions advocated by several noted theorists; theoretical positions concerning reading instruction, programs advanced by prominent theorists, and techniques in current use were of vital concern. [...]