A school facilities evaluation device considerate of architectural and educational principles



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The Problem. This study attempted to develop a school facilities evaluation device that would provide for a rating based upon architectonic unity of form and function and the educational harmony of process and product. The Device. The evaluation device, or score card, not only included fundamental architectural and educational principles but also provided for the following: environmental and educational data as judgment criteria, the concept of space and building characteristics, and an evaluation of the whole by parts without reducing the total evaluation to a one-figure index or value. These considerations were translated into device sections and noted as 'Factors', 'Functions', 'Inventory', 'Environmental and Educational' information, 'Performance Goals', and an 'Inspectional Evaluation Graph'. Other compositional parts of the facilities evaluation device were items such as a 'Comments' column, an 'Instructions' guide, and a 'Definition of Terms'. [...]



School facilities--Evaluation