An analytical study of the band compositions of Howard Hanson



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The purpose of this study was to analyze the original band works of Howard Hanson. Specifically, this study addressed the following questions: (l)what are the analytical characteristics and musical contents of each of Howard Hanson's original compositions for band; and (2)what rehearsal strategies and performance problems should be studied by the ensemble conductor when preparing and conducting Howard Hanson's original compositions for band? The compositions examined included Chorale and Alleluia, Centennial March, Dies Natalis, Young Person's Guide to the Six-Tone Scale, Laude, and Variations on an Ancient Hymn. Recognized as a leading educator, conductor, and composer, Howard Hanson was a major influence on the development of music in the United States. Expectedly, much of his work has been subjected to scholarly research. Surprisingly, his contributions to band literature have been virtually ignored by scholars. Given his prestige as a composer and his significant contribution to band literature, it is important that his works for band be analyzed and understood. Analytical procedures employed in this study included detailed analyses of harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and formal qualities found in Hanson's six band compositions. [...]



Band music--Analysis, appreciation