The effect of reminders on state dependent learning from sodium pentobarbital induced amnesia



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40 animals were randomly divided into 8 equal groups in a 2 x 2 x 2 design. Groups 1 through 4 were trained in a no drug (physiological saline) state, while groups 5 through 8 were trained in a drug (sodium pentobarbital) state. At the acquisition phase, animals were individually placed on the upper platform of a two leveled platform, and following a step-down responce (endogenous kinisthetic cue), recieved an immediate footshock of 250v at 2.0mA for a duration of 5 seconds. Retention was measured 24 and 48 hours post acquisition. Latencies were measured for different states (e.g., same state versus different state). Assymetrical state-dependent learning was shown when the states were D - ND for acquisition and retention respectfully. The reminder was shown to be effective only when the animal was in the same state and only if it is the first time in that state.