Flood Level Monitoring System using Magnetic Induction Antennas



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In a time where weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable, there is a greater need to develop countermeasures to accommodate for the present lack of resources during certain unprecedented events. This project primarily focuses on the lack of organized communication between Search and Rescue teams. This device is capable of reading water levels using two sensors: direct contact and non-contact. Once data is collected, this information is sent wirelessly via Magnetic Induction antennas connected to software-defined radios. The radios transmit a constant carrier wave, and the data collected from the sensors will be modulated onto the wave. Once the data passes through the antennas, the wave will be demodulated to acquire the initial sensor readings. We divided this process into smaller steps to better assure the integrity of the device. Primarily, we focused on establishing direct wired communication between both radios to determine whether data sent from one radio can be picked up by the other radio. After this step, we focused on modulating and demodulating the signal using Amplitude Modulation(AM). Lastly, we focused on communicating information via the Magnetic Induction antennas. Results suggested that data could be sent successfully from one serial device and be retrieved on another serial device with very minimal interference. This device is cost-effective, durable, and capable of transmitting data over long distances, allowing it to replace current water level sensors. This research study will serve to inform the general public, housing developers, and public safety officials about the advantages of using this product.