Effectiveness of video teleconferences in producing organizational adaptability on school campuses with varying organizational structural characteristics



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The purpose of this study was to identify the structural characteristics of individual school campuses and determine their relationship to the effectiveness of a message pertaining to new policy delivered via video teleconference. Organizational communication in theory and practice is continuously being re-evaluated. A small number of innovative school districts are now adopting a communication system which utilizes the video teleconference. This concept has proven to be successful in private business and industry when a specific message must be given to a large and dispersed population with a minimum amount of travel and expenditure of time. This study identified faculty members as the nucleus of the school's organizational structure and also as the receivers of a message relayed from the central district administrative office via video teleconference. The faculty members of a campus collectively created a profile (by their responses on a questionnaire) of the campus' structural characteristics. Once the school's organizational structural characteristics, the size of the school, and the principal's perception of the topic of communication were identified, the effectiveness of the message relayed via the video teleconference became the major dependent variable in this study. The effectiveness of the video teleconference message was assessed in terms of the degree of adaptability of the school in complying with the message. In theory, the schools where the video teleconference was most effective, the message penetrated the organization and the objectives of the central office staff were met. This study was conducted in the Houston Independent School District. The individual campus was the unit of analysis. Twelve senior high schools and twenty-six elementary schools were randomly selected to participate in this research. The faculty members who utilized a standard lesson plan were eligible to complete a questionnaire. The implementation of a new standard lesson plan format throughout the district was the topic of communication investigated to determine the effectiveness of a message delivered by video teleconference.



Communication in organizations, Communication in management