Teachers' Perceptions of the Interactive Whiteboard: Ease of Use, Usefulness, and Relationship of Training



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The Interactive Whiteboard is quickly becoming a mainstay in the modern classroom. While it is being heralded as a powerful tool that has the potential to increase student motivation and teacher instructional flexibility, little research has been done to evaluate teacher perceptions toward the device. An analysis of those perceptions is key to understanding how to best implement the use of these tools on school campuses. As part of that need for a deeper understanding regarding teachers’ perceptions of the Interactive Whiteboard, it is also important to investigate how professional development relates to those perceptions. This study used the Technology Acceptance Model questionnaire to evaluate teacher perceptions of the Interactive Whiteboard and offers an analysis of how the amount and type training received on the Interactive Whiteboard relates to those perceptions. Based on the results of this study, there was only a small to moderate relationship between teacher perceptions and the amount and type of training teachers had received on the Interactive Whiteboard, although ancillary variables show that there may be a stronger relationship with training and perceptions that this study could not define. Further research is needed regarding the relationship of teacher perceptions and training, but the relationships found in this study are still valuable as a guide for educational leaders regarding concepts to consider when seeking to integrate Interactive Whiteboards on K-12 campuses.



Interactive Whiteboards, Professional development, Technology Training, Teachers, Perception, Technology Acceptance Model Questionnaire