Thin layer chromatographic analysis of oligonucleotide mixtures and prebiotic condensaton of mononucleotides by acia and cyanamide



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A prebiotic condensation of mononucleotides mediated by amino-imidazole carboxamide and cyanamide at 89[degrees]C was carried out. The mononucleotides used in the reaction were the mono- and tri-phosphates of thymidine. Radiolabel in the triphosphate allowed analysis of the products by thin layer chromatography. The products were composed primarily of oligonucleotides with at least one terminal phosphate and with the majority of the molecules containing only 3'->5' bonding. Twenty-one per cent of the material contained a 5'->5' bond, and two per cent of the material contained a 3'->3' bond. The major part of the analysis of the condensation products was carried out on anion-exchange thin layer chromatography in solvents developed for that particular use. Of particular use are the solvents 2% NH[subscript 4]HCO[subscript 3] and the system consisting of 20% HCOOH as the first solvent and 2% NH[subscript 4]HCO[subscript 3] as the second solvent (in the same direction). These solvent systems gave good-to-fair separation between the various oligonucleotides, the second system being particularly efficacious in the separation of the mononucleotide from the other components.



Nucleotides--Analysis., Thin layer chromatography., Chromatographic analysis.