Hydromagnetic wave propagation in the earth''s magnetosphere



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Under the restrictions of the geometrical optics approximation, optical ray paths and the intensity of a wave front as a function of the ray paths have been calculated for high frequency hydromagnetic waves propagating in a simple model of the earth's magnetosphere. Because of the bending of the rays in a nonhomogeneous Isotropic medium, the waves are found to be deflected as they travel inward toward the earth. The envelope through which no rays penetrate is found to be a function of the density of the medium and the geomagnetic dipole field of the earth. The intensity of a wave as a function of the ray path is also calculated and is shown to fall uniformly from its value at the boundary of the magnetosphere as the wave front propagates inward. Contours of equal intensity are drawn for the sunward side of the earth and found to be approximately similar in shape to the boundary of the magnetosphere.