Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes toward Creativity: The Development of the Undergraduate Perceptions of Creativity Survey



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The need for an instrument which measures undergraduate attitudes towards creativity prompted the development of a survey. Using the published literature as a theoretical basis, the items for a survey were constructed, and it was piloted and initially validated with exploratory factor analysis. The exploratory factor analysis indicated that the constructs of the scale are: creative self-perception, perceptions of creativity, and creativity in education. Thereafter, a confirmatory factor analysis was computed on the scale in order to validate and confirm the constructs, the results of which corroborated the original three-factor structure. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients indicate that the items are reliable measures of the constructs.
The scale is the first specifically designed to ascertain the attitudes undergraduates have towards creativity. With a valid and reliable survey that measures undergraduate attitudes towards creativity, researchers and institutions may use the instrument to assess the creativity attitudes of undergraduates studying in any discipline or academic field. Moreover, the instrument could be useful in determining interventions colleges and universities might implement to enhance students attitudes toward creativity as global demand grows for professionals who value such creativity-related components as innovative and flexible thinking.



Creativity, Creativity Survey, Survey development