A statistical survey of some characteristics of G.E.D. examinees at a Texas junior college



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G.E.D. examinations are given in a large number of educational institutions in the State of Texas each year. This thesis statistically surveys eleven characteristics shared in varying degrees by the examinees during the period April, 1971, through February, 1973, at San Jacinto Junior College, Pasadena, Texas. An instrument was designed to contain questions relating to date and location of questionnaire administration, age, sex, marital status, present employment, employment area and work experience of the examinee, his reason for taking the G.E.D., his source of information relating to the availability of the G.E.D. tests, his plans for continuance of education and his choice of junior or senior college for continuance. A place and person for administration of the questionnaire were donated by San Jacinto College. The questionnaire was typewritten on the back of a single sheet of 8 1/2" x 11". white paper. The front of the sheet contained a solicitation addressed to the examinee. The solicitation was casual, stating a need for research help by a student of adult education. The solicitation emphasized that participation in the research, via the questionnaire, would protect the examinee's identity and privacy, and not in any manner affect his G.E.D. score. It concluded with an expression of appreciation for the examinee's consideration. The questionnaire was handed each G.E.D. examinee without comment upon his completion of the tests. Completed questionnaires were received by the administrator for subsequent retrieval by the researcher. Numerical information thus obtained was accorded standardized statistical survey treatment as stipulated by recognized authors on the subject of statistical surveys. The information was reported as a statistical survey. It may be concluded that recognizable characteristics did exist between the examinees during the research period, and that they were shared to a measurable degree. It is recommended that additional surveys be conducted at different locations to obtain cross-comparisons for inferential deductions.



High school equivalency examinations., Junior college students--Texas.