Drop deformation and breakup in simple shear fields



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In the present work the deformation and breakup of liquid drops in simple shear fields have been experimentally studied for both Newtonian and viscoelastic systems. Experiments were carried out in a narrow gap Couette instrument under both steady and transient conditions. For Newtonian systems, the deformation characteristics of the drop are best described by the Cox's theory which is a first order theory in the apparent deformation D = (L-B)/L+B) where L and B are the major and minor axes of the deformed drop. Deformation in viscoelastic systems is found to be quite different than in Newtonian systems. For viscoelastic drops in Newtonian continuous phase, where the viscosity ratio is low, the deformation of the drops is somewhat similar to Newtonian systems, with similar shapes and extensions, but with higher angles of inclination (in the direction of flow). With high viscosity ratio systems, the drops are more extended than Newtonian drops under similar conditions and have a smaller inclination angle. [...]