A comparison between the use of AM[raised 241] and TE[raised 123] as gama ray sources in measuring compton profile anisotropies in LiF single crystal



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The Compton Profiles of lithium fluoride (LiF) along the crystallographic directions [100], [110],and [111] were measured using 60 keV (Am[raised 241] source) gamma ray scattering. The anisotropies between the profiles are presented. These profile anisotropies were compared with those obtained from 160 keV (Te[raised 123] source) experiments and recent NHF (near-Hartree Fock) calculations. The 160 keV experiments were found to agree very well with the theoretical calculations. In the case of the 60 keV experiments, only the J(100)-J(111) anisotropy profile yields satisfactory results. While the Te source is clearly more suitable for anisotropy measurements, a primary conclusion of the present study is that adequate data can be obtained with Am[raised 241] for anisotropies between those bonding and non-bonding directions comparable to the Te[raised 123] data for these directions.