A descriptive study of the effects of student teaching upon attitudes, anxieties, and perceived problems of student teachers



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The purpose of this study was to report the pre and post test results of student teachers as indicated by instruments of measuring (1) attitudes toward teaching, (2) anxiety levels of student teachers, and (3) perceived problems of student teachers related to student teaching experiences at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana. The review of the literature revealed numerous studies have been conducted concerning attitudes of student teachers toward teaching; however, little was revealed by these studies other than changes in attitudes are probable and dependent upon a number of variables. Relatively little research has been conducted on anxieties of student teachers, yet there seems to be a trend toward greater interest in this field. The literature which pertained to perceived problems indicated student teachers have similar concerns which must be recognized and resolved, and until they are student teachers cannot become truly involved with the task of teaching. [...]



Student teachers, Attitudes, Examinations, Teachers, Job satisfaction