Criteria for the design of distributed data acquisition and control system



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This thesis presents a philosophy for the design of distributed data acquisition and control systems for use in facilities with multiple independent processes requiring central coordination. The traditional approach to the design of multiple process control systems is based on centralized systems which are unable to provide the reliability possible with distributed systems. The approach proposed in this thesis takes into consideration all major aspects relevant to system design. It starts with a general system specification and system distribution requirements, and proceeds through a sequence of steps to specify a two-level hierarchical system that satisfies the requirements. The design procedure includes five major steps: the decomposition of system functions into global and control functions, the translation of distribution requirements into distribution criteria, the selection of a distributed system configuration, the evaluation of an interprocessor communication language and protocol, and the definition of specifications for system processors. A selected example of a data acquisition and control system is used to illustrate the design philosophy discussed throughout this thesis.