Seismic Resolution and Reservoir Characterization of Thin Sands in the Daqing Field, China



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The Daqing field is the largest oil field in China and is located in the Songliao basin in northeastern China. Most of the production in Daqing field comes from sand bodies with thicknesses between 1 and 10 meters, which are below the limit of seismic resolution of the available data. It is thus not possible to resolve Daqing reservoirs using only conventional seismic data. The purpose of this study is to use seismic multi-attribute analysis to resolve and make inferences about these thin layers. The multi-attribute analysis utilizes statistical methods to find a relationship between well data and seismic attributes to predict some physical property of the Earth. The dataset included a spectrally-broadened volume obtained via sparse-layer inversion, which is an inversion method based on high-resolution spectral decomposition and usually doubles the bandwidth of the data. The multi-attribute analysis was applied to both conventional seismic and spectrally-broadened seismic. Porosity volumes were generated utilizing porosity logs from density logs, the attributes used were internal software attributes and externally generated spectral decomposition volumes. Resulting resolution, statistical significance, and accuracy in the determination of layer thickness and porosity were higher when using the spectrally-broadened volume as raw seismic.



Seismic resolution, Multi-attribute analysis