A comparative study of two eighth grade groups participating in diverse drug abuse education programs in the Greater Houston area



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Statement of the problem. The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences and similarities between two groups of eighth grade students participating in different drug abuse education programs in the Greater Houston area. Procedures. Three hundred eighth grade students engaged in a fifteen day drug abuse program were stratified by socio-economic status and randomly sampled from Community A to serve as the Experimental Group. Three hundred and eighty eighth-grade students from Community B, an area adjacent to Community A with similar demographic characteristics, was selected as the Control Group. The two groups were examined on the basis of test scores from a Drug Information Achievement Test (DIAT) provided by the publishers of a fifteen day "Drug Decision Program" and a Drug Behavior Survey constructed for the study to analyze three general areas: (1) school education programs, (2) the problem of drug abuse, and (3) drug experimentation and use. Both instruments were administered at four testing periods...