Symptom Management with Chemotherapy: Improving Effectiveness Using Technology Among Geriatric Oncology Patients



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Treatment with chemotherapy is known for its many hindering adverse effects to patients' quality of life. Chemotherapy has shown to induce adverse effects including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and stress. The use of video game simulations reinforce education and allow patients to take control of self-management interventions. Pharmacological interventions are effective, but patients need to receive evidence-based education. Adherence to antiemetic medications have variable outcomes in treatment of said adverse effects. Polypharmacy also plays a role that could negatively impact patient's symptom management. Providing patients with proper and evidence-based education through methods like video games, yoga, music therapy, and evidence-based education can positively impact their self-management of their symptoms.



Coping strategies, Effects of chemotherapy, Oncology education, Geriatric oncology, Symptom management and self-management, Treatment adherence, Video games