Building Teacher Leaders: Purposefully Increasing Teacher Leadership Capacity



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School principals are required to do more now than ever. High stakes accountability has principals grappling for ways to achieve state and federal standards. Principals must also ensure their stakeholders’ needs are met on a daily basis. It is simply not possible for school principals to do it all themselves. Principals must build and support teacher leaders. Effective principals find ways to build positive relationships with their teachers and empower them to work towards shared campus goals. The purpose of the study was to examine why the relationship between teachers and the principal is important for the school and to identify the most critical feature for a successful working relationship between teachers and principals. Survey data from 310 practicing principals was analyzed for this study. This study examined the responses of principals who responded to the question “Why is the relationship between the teacher and the principal important for the school?” 56% of the principals reported the importance of participation in shared decision making; while 52% reported the importance of creating an atmosphere of mutual trust. 57% of the principals reported that “trust” is the most critical feature for a successful relationship between the teacher and the principal.



Teacher leadership, Building trust, Teacher empowerment