Fluid Actuation for Imaging Compatible Devices



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The use of robots in imaging devices is becoming more prominent with the development of image guided surgery robots and imaging related research requiring mechanical actuation. Many such robotic systems exist today but unfortunately cause imaging distortion and artifacts due to the presence of actuators and control electronics that are incompatible with the imaging devices used. One solution to this problem is the use of fluid actuators. Fluid actuators can be made entirely of polymers that are fully compatible with both MRI and CT scanning. In the course of this work, the modeling, identification and control of hydraulic and pneumatic linear piston-cylinder actuators was investigated and a performance comparison of the two types of actuation in various medical robotics applications was made. The results show that hydraulic systems are better suited for precise positioning tasks and haptic force-feedback teleoperation and pneumatic systems are better suited for applications requiring compliant motion.



Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Robotics, Teleoperation, Medicine