Lifestyle of People of Mexican Heritage and Heart Disease



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My research was greatly important to me as it was something that I very much relate to and I wanted to have a deeper understanding of it. The question that I investigated over the summer was taking a look at how the diets of Mexicans in Guanajuato and Texas differ and how they lead towards heart disease; throughout the summer I was able to find out that the diets were not the only major factor, thus lifestyles also played a huge role as to why Mexicans were statistically more prone to heart disease. By reading the book At Risk: Latino Children's Health and supplying articles that allowed me to better understand each chapter, with that information I was able to justify a plethora of smaller questions I had that eventually led to the bigger question. Not only did reading help me support my research, immersing myself into my Mexican culture throughout the summer and being in various cities and towns in the state of Guanajuato, it really allowed me to look at a different perspective in the lifestyle and diets of Mexicans. Through my lifetime observations of living in Texas and living in Guanajuato I was able to see various cultural differences and similarities in the diets and lifestyles that Mexicans had in two totally different countries.