Factors influencing the research role of nurse educators



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Perhaps, no other profession has evidenced such a major concern for the need to develop a scientific basis for practice than currently exists in nursing. In an era of accountability and cost consciousness, the safe practice of nursing and the quality of nursing services must be based on scientific principles. The American Nurses1 Association statement of priorities for the 1980's cited participation in research and the sharing of research findings as a major goal for nursing education and practice (ANA, 1981). In spite of this, much of the literature published since this report indicated that in most schools of nursing, research was not an integral part of the nurse educators' workload or role. (Nieswiadomy, 1984; Lia-Hoagberg, 1985; Ostmoe, 1986; O'Shea, 1986). The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent of nurse educators' involvement with research and to identify factors which influence the research role of nurse educators. Research involvement, attitude towards nursing research, and perception of role were the variables used as indicators of having acquired the role of nurse researcher. [...]



Nursing--Study and teaching, Nursing--Research