Do Goal-Focused Leaders Curtail Subordinate Production Deviance? Contributing to the Validity Evidence of the GFL Measure



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The purpose of this study was to contribute to the validating evidence of the goal-focused leadership construct measure in two ways. First, in order to establish the invariance of the Colbert and Witt (2009) measure, I fitted a series of nested item factor models to two independent samples. The results revealed the measure is partially invariant across samples. Second, I present a conditional process model that investigates the relationship of goal-focused leadership with production deviance—a performance facet (Sackett, 2002) characterized by aberrant or behaviors. The path analytic results were supportive of the hypothesized negative relationship between goal-focused leadership perceptions and self-reported production deviance through emotional exhaustion. Applying Conservation of Resources Theory (Hobfoll, 1989) and investigating the moderating role of conscientiousness at each path in the ab indirect relationship, findings revealed that higher (lower) levels of conscientiousness reduce (increase) emotional exhaustion (path a) and subsequent engagement in production deviance (path b).



Leadership, Psychometrics, Well-being, Exhaustion, Production deviance