Reproducibility of regional cerebral blood measurements : menstrual cycle and run order effects



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The present study investigated the effects of menstruation and run order on the reproducibility of regional cerebral blood flow measurements (rCBF) across time. Twenty female subjects were utilized within a two- group crossover design. Two rCBF measurements were performed per subject under conditions of minimal external sensory stimulation. Measurements were obtained during premenstrual and postmenstrual cycle phases. Quantification of menstrually related symptomology, anxiety, and numerous physiological parameters was performed at each measurement point. Nonparametric statistical analyses revealed no significant effect of either phase of menstrual cycle or run order. Prevalence and severity of menstrually related symptomology was significantly greater prior to premenstrual measurements. Degree of anxiety was significantly greater prior to first rCBF measurements. Change in rCBF across time was negatively correlated with change in respiration rate and mean arterial blood pressure. The effect of differing intermeasure interval lengths on the reproducibility of rCBF measurements, across time is discussed.



Regional blood flow, Menstruation