Class formation, class consciousness and worker militancy : a study of militant attitudes among public school teachers



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This study proposes that the growth of worker militancy among public school teachers, or any other group of employees, is a function of class formation and the development of working class consciousness. Two rival hypotheses are developed. Although both hypotheses maintain that the willingness of employees to confidentially endorse the defiance of management's rules will coincide with working class status, they define this status in very different terms. One hypothesis employs John D. Stephens' neo-Weberian definition of working class status, while the other employs Guglielmo Carchedi's neo-Marxist definition of working class status. The hypotheses are tested through analysis of survey data and personnel records on 2,903 teachers employed by a large urban school district. The analysis demonstrates that this attitudinal indicator of worker militancy coincides with working class status as defined by Carchedi's neo-Marxist model of class formation.



Teachers--Political activity, Teachers--Social conditions, Teachers--Economic conditions, Working class--United States, Labor movement--United States, Labor--United States