Experimental investigation of heat transfer in slug flow in horizontal tubes



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An experimental system has been designed and constructed for the measurement of time varying temperature, heat flux and heat transfer coefficient during two phase slug flow. In addition, the necessary software for processing these time series data has been developed. Data have been taken covering the full range of slug flow conditions for air-water in a horizontal pipe under conditions of uniform heat flux. The data show that the wall temperature fluctuates in phase with slug; temperatures of gas and liquid are significantly different; and that the heat transfer in the nose of the slug is higher than that in the slug body. Data analysis showed that the heat transfer coefficients to the gas zone and to the liquid film zone are predictable from Colburn's correlation. However, slug heat transfer coefficients are not in agreement with the usual correlations and vary around the slug periphery. This is explained as due to the peripheral temperature distribution which exists in the pipe wall during slug flow causing variation in the heat transfer coefficient in the slug body. The existing model for heat transfer during slug flow was revised and the computer program modified.