A study of medication charge methods for use in a unit dose drug distribution system



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Historically, drug distribution in hospitals began with a floor stock of medications from which the nurse prepared the doses for each patient. Recognition of the general problems of wastage and medication errors plus inadequacies of medication control inherent in Floor Stock System led to the development of the Individual Patient Prescription System. This system proved to have many advantages over the Floor Stock System, but again the recognition of similar problems and inadequacies led to the development of a new drug distribution system, the Unit Dose Drug Distribution System. This latter system is now being utilized in hospitals across the United States. One of the problems in each of the drug distribution systems is the procedure by which medications are to be charged. Several different procedures and forms are used in the charging of medications in hospitals currently utilizing a Unit Dose Drug Distribution System. The question arises as to which procedure and/or which form is the most accurate and the most economical. [...]