Optimal and heuristic multi-level lot sizing with extensions, in an MRP environment : branch and bound approach



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Production and inventory management in the multi level manufacturing environment is a major concern of ongoing industrial corporations. Management systems to plan and control the operations function are a prominent factor in a firm's competitive position and long term prosperity. A closed loop material requirements planning (MRP) system is one such system that gives management information necessary to make quantity and timing decisions for materials (purchased parts and raw materials, components, subassemblies, assemblies, etc.) in a complex, fast paced working environment. An integral part of the MRP system is lot sizing which has a direct bearing on quantity and timing decisions. Research on lot sizing is extensive, however very little has been performed on the most prevalent type found in industry (i.e. for the multi level, multi component, multi parent, multi period, hereafter called general case, problem). This research presents a solution procedure, branch and bound (B&B), for the general case lot sizing problem with extensions in a closed loop MRP environment. [...]



Materials management, Production management, Branch and bound algorithms